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Teknikvägen 20-26

48 completed modules at Boden Business Park in Sävast. 38 are for students and 10 are hotels/longstays. The property was acquired on 1/8-2022.


If you wish to terminate your lease, you do so here.

Keep in mind that you have 3 months' notice, which counts as whole months. For example, if you terminate the contract on September 10, you must pay rent until December 31. Before you move out, your accommodation is inspected. The cleaning is checked, we take inventory of household goods and you can return your keys. Remember to book your inspection well in advance of moving out. You can do that by sending an e-mail to kalia@bodenintressenter.se


Report a problem

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Frequently asked questions

Waste sorting

Under your sink are 2 containers

Container 1: Food waste, e.g. peels and food scraps

Container 2: Flammable

Large bins are located in your residential area. Green is for combustible and brown is for food waste.

You sort these products at the recycling station, which is on Teknikvägen a couple of 100 m away in the direction of Luleå/the golf course:

• Plastic

• Bottles and cans

• Glass

• Newspapers

• Metal packaging

• Paper packaging


• Residual products such as porcelain, mirror glass, coffee mugs


Internet is included in the rent. In each housing module there is a network socket where you can connect, for example, your computer with your own network cable. If you prefer wireless WiFi in your accommodation, you must pay for a router yourself.

Home insurance

Consider registering home insurance for your safety. Should an accident or event occur where you become responsible for the cause, home insurance becomes your financial protection. You can register home insurance on e.g.:



Issue report for your accommodation

As it is not an urgent error: make your issue report on our website, under the heading "Issue report". Then you get help from our property manager who works weekdays between 08.00 and 12.00.

If you have a fault in the accommodation of a more urgent nature, such as a water leak, a log in the toilet or a power cut, you can call Securitas Property Helpline 24 hours a day: 010-470 57 00

In case of danger to life or fire, of course you call 112.

Important: Only contact Securitas if it is an urgent matter. It is costly for the property owner when Securitas is contacted. If the case can wait a few days and be handled by our internal property manager, you can instead submit a "Fault Report" via our website.

Key management for your accommodation

Key receipt takes place on the day you arrive and move in.

• Your key goes to the home, the laundry room and the mail room

• Store the key in a safe manner

• Do not hand over the key to anyone unauthorized

• Report the loss of the key immediately

• A lost housing key is charged with SEK 2,300

• A lost postal key is charged with SEK 230

National registration

If you register in Boden, you are entitled to housing allowance. You do this on the Swedish Tax Agency's website under Folkbokföring.


You get your own locked mailbox which is located inside the mailroom.

Questions about contracts or invoices

Email your thoughts to kontakt@bodenintressenter.se

The barbecue area

You are welcome to use the barbecue area in the middle of the courtyard. You provide yourself with firewood or charcoal. Remember to keep it clean and tidy and dispose of waste in the designated place. Be careful if it's dry outside.

The laundry room

You share a laundry room with other tenants, laundry times are between 08:00 and 21:00 every day. You book your washing time in the booking calendar available in the laundry room.

After you have done your laundry, you must clean the laundry room:

• Clean the filter in the dryer

• Wipe down the machines

• Clean drying cabinets

• Clean the floor

• Clean floor drain

• Empty the bins if they are full

Well-being rules

- Smoking is not allowed indoors

- Remember that there are more people living in the properties around you. Loud music or sound level must be moderate after 9pm every day. We want to create as good a comfort factor as possible and it is important that you relate to this

- You clean your accommodation yourself. It is important that you keep up and clean continuously, otherwise the risk of wear and tear on your home increases. In the laundry room, there is a vacuum cleaner and scrubbing bucket/mop to borrow.

- If you like to work out, you can buy a training card at Hermelinen's gym, which is located in the area

- Today's lunch is served at Torget's restaurant inside the Workshop

Car parking

Car parking, for you or your guests, should take place in one of the designated car parks in the area. Eg outside Hermelinen's gym or on the front of the Main Building. In these car parks there are places where you can park for free for one day.

If you wish to rent a parking place for longer than one day, please contact us by sending an e-mail to kontakt@bodenintressenter.se

You can park your bicycle in the bicycle rack in the courtyard. Do not store the bicycle inside the mail room.

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